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Widely used in green lighting, switching power supply and other fields

Product application field

Green lighting

High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and comfort.

LED power supply

The product is used in LED power supply drive.

Intelligent mobile

Save electricity, steady electricity, rectifier, voltage regulation.

Switching power supply

The product is used in switching power supply.

Household electric

The product is used in Household electric.

All kinds of instruments

The application of the product in the instrument.

Let China semiconductor towards the World

Science of modern management, the remarkable economic benefits, the company by provincial and municipal governments at all levels of recognition, has won the good faith construction pioneer, AAA grade credit enterprise, provincial enterprise technology center, jining power semiconductor device engineering technology research center, SMD semiconductor device research and development of jining engineering laboratory, production-study-research cooperation model enterprise in shandong province, shandong taishan industry talents, etc.


At present, there are dozens of different series of products on the production line, such as ordinary rectifier diode, fast recovery diode, efficient rectifier diode, ultra-fast recovery diode, bridge rectifier and voltage regulator.

Flat-pin rectifier




Conventional surface mount diode


Seagull-pin diode


Ultrathin flat-pin diode